Monday, January 21, 2013

Arrogance shown by Magazines

In 2004 2005 I saw a magazine "Housing Giants" and was offered a free subscription.   I arrogant, to have a group call themselves "Giants".  

Last year, a new periodical, also offered to me as a free subscription.   "Governing"

You may want to get a free subscription, some insight into what they publicly publish to their peers may be beneficial in staying a step or two ahead of coming "Bubble of Government"  BOG for short, LOL.   OK I coined that one.

Having more silver coins than I can carry,  I think that I also coined "You can't print wealth", who knows, maybe I stole that one.   Its a good one.

Wealth is creating by creating real products and services that people want to or need to buy.    The "want to buy" is OK, but may not last in the long run.   Boring commodities....hmmm, either at the edge of a deflationary spiral, OR on the cusp of an acceleration of printing by the major powers of the world.     Methinks the latter.

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