Sunday, January 6, 2013

Asteroid on Feb 15

I love this Astro stuff, especially as it relates to the markets.

For some reason, comets and asteroids seem to have a much greater effect on planetary phenomenon and human activity than it would seem that they should. They seem to cause earthquakes to a much greater degree than would be predicted by simple weight and gravitational effects.

Search the blog, I did some interesting analysis in the past on comet fly by's.

So right after Valentines day, Asteroid 2012 DA14 will whiz by, far closer than the moon, and even closer than satellites that orbit Earth.

 It weighs are 40,000,000,000 pounds.

 It wasn't discovered until Feb of 2012. I did a blog about "Would they tell us"?

 And here is a post about Comet Honda causing earthquakes.


  1. I wonder how a planetary alignment combined with a large asteroid flyby would influence markets. Looks like we are due for one when 2009 AV flys by on Feb 25 and a planetary alignment occurs at the end of the Feb. Possible turning point for the markets??

  2. Thanks got that on the radar now!


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