Friday, January 25, 2013

Government Lowering Tax, refunding money, reducing regulation

Is this a farce, a spoof, or is this real?   One of the States that comprises the United States of America is cutting taxes, giving budget surplus back to the middle class, and reducing regulations.     Wow---that flies in the face of everything we see everywhere else.    

"They" being the vested interests that benefit from high taxes and lots of regulations, tried very hard to throw out this Governor last year.   In fact it garned support from across the USA to try to throw out one man who was trying to make things better.   The Statist Quo forced a recall election,  and Scott Walker "won" and now he is doing what he said he would do.

Go Cheeseheads!


See below, a letter from Gov Walker of Wisconsin
2013-15 Biennial Budget Address
On Wednesday, February 20, I will deliver the 2013-15 budget address at 7:00 p.m.
Earlier this week, the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) released updated revenue projections, which predicted Wisconsin will have a $419.7 million surplus heading into the FY2013-2015 biennium.
The projected $419 million surplus is good news for Wisconsin taxpayers.  Unlike two years ago when we faced a $3.6 billion deficit, Wisconsin is better off.  Together, we tackled monumental challenges and enacted long-term structural reforms and, because of our tough decisions, we are moving our state forward.
This projected surplus will allow hardworking Wisconsin taxpayers to keep more of the money they earn because I plan to move forward with an income tax cut targeting the middle class.
The budget will focus on five priorities:
·         Creating Jobs
·         Developing Our Workforce
·         Transforming Education
·         Reforming Government
·         Investing in Infrastructure
In addition to viewing this speech on television, it will also be streaming live on  Please join us and watch on air or online, as I outline the 2013-15 biennial budget.

Income Tax Cut
With the introduction of my proposed budget next month, I will lay out a clear plan for reducing the burden on hard-working families by lowering income taxes on the middle class.  Putting more money back in the hands of the people – not in the hands of the government – is one of the best ways to improve the economy. Recently, Washington let the payroll tax climb back up to 6.2 percent.  A report shows that a household making $50,000 a year will pay an extra $1,000 this year in taxes.
In a tough economy, people are worried about the impact of having less money.  Today, our unemployment rate is down to 6.6 percent and we have a budget surplus of $342 million.  Now, I believe we should return that budget surplus to the taxpayers.  More money in the economy will lead to more consumer spending, which will drive greater demand for goods and services.  That, in turn, will lead to more investments and more jobs.

Regulatory Review
Last year, I called for state agencies to work with the reformed Small Business Regulatory Review Board to identify unnecessary, obsolete, and burdensome regulations.  And, last week, a report was released that identified over 300 rule modifications in 218 administrative code chapters.  During Talk with Walker events around the state, I repeatedly heard requests for reasonable regulations for businesses.  Making these changes will make it easier to do business in the state, while maintaining the safety and health of our citizens.  
Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly, Robin Vos, has also made regulatory review a priority.  This week, he announced that the State Assembly will review the regulations as a way to remove roadblocks to job creation.  You can provide input to the Legislature for their consideration by visiting

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