Friday, January 25, 2013

DIRT NAP how the New World Disorder Works

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Why the heck would a sovereign country store it's gold in a different sovereign country?    Only because they trust someone across the ocean more than they trust their neighbors.

Germany was storing LOTS of gold in the US.   Now they are asking for it back.   The trust is gone, not just with the US, but overall.   

And Japan, has promised to print until there is no tomorrow, as China saber rattles.    I can imagine that back room conversation....

Well see here Abe-san, you know we have always been partners and we have military bases all over your islands, however we would like to see your stalwart support for us and our policies.   We need you to get on board with the money printing, then our money printing will seem more normal.
 Yes, Abe-san, I understand that printing and inflation steals from the responsible, the savers, and Japan is a country of savers, but there is no choice... your people must pitch in.    And when you promise to print, we will send some covert strong messages to China to backoff.   So just print, would ya?   C'mon all the kids are doing it.    Join the DIRT NAP club!

Demand Interest Rates Tumble, National Association of Printers


Maybe the Yen has plummeted enough for the moment, this would be a logical retracement point.

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