Monday, March 18, 2013

Spanish Bank Run Setting Up?

Seems odd that this is playing out as it is.    Do they really want to cause a run on the banks?   Where are people going to put the cash?    Each family with $100,000 under the matress?

Well this guy is just a professor, but then again so is Bernanke. 
From Spain:  Professor of Economics, University Ramon Llull in Barcelona, ​​Santiago Niño Becerra, does not ensure that Spain is to apply a savings rate as that has imposed on Cyprus in exchange for bailout, but said it would be possible do and that "it is very clean, and not have to freeze all balances, which is a mess."

This is the Google Translate link. sounds very clean until the Molotov cocktails start flying.

Just saying "These Things Often Take Longer Than You Think" TTOTLTYT

But then once they start These Thing Can Move A Lot Faster Than You Think

He who panics first panics best.    

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