Sunday, March 31, 2013

The classics, FF, VOS, ACT

These are some of my favorites, originals from Hawaii Trading

A reader asked if I was still bearish on equities from last Wednesday paint of a huge hammer on the VOS volatility on steriods and indeed, the simple answer is yes.   Because on Thursday, another bigger hammer that dove to even lower depths, lower than VOS has ever been.  

Here are the charts, the final chart is the SPX superimposed over the ACT.    Certainly the SPX doesnt have to drop based on the ACT, but likely the overall asset classes will drop.  

The charts telegraph the news ahead of time.     Like the Cypriats at the top who got their money out of the country a few days before the news was broke.

And finally, some amazing stats from Breakpoint Trades.     Black Swans have been circling for years now.    The system is stressed, the odds say there is an EXTREMELY good chance the US Equities are up at the end of the year. 

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