Saturday, April 27, 2013

Martial Law Declared in Waikiki

Bomb Scare in Waikiki causes Martial Law to be declared.   This is similar to Boston, although this was only 2 hours.     A lot of the tin foil hatters are saying that Big Gov wants to program America to accept martial law on a regular basis.    This will make it easier to quash large disturbances and make it seem "normal" at least in the news reports.

The nice terms of "shelter in place" are well known to prepper types and nuclear aware types.    And that has to do with being pre-prepared with necessary materials, tools, food, water, to take shelter in your own house during an extended civil disaster, nuclear meltdown, etc. 

So they tried to sell us the term "shelter in place" which in fact has nothing to do with martial law for a manhunt, as was Boston.     Even the term "lockdown" or "stand down" is no where near the reality of "we have declared martial law".  There are video's floating on the internet of families being rousted out of their houses by "Swat" teams, and being marched out of their house with hands on their heads.    These look very credible, I just saw last night.   I was surprised it went this far.

Here is the "lockdown" in Waikiki.    There are just 3 "horizontal roads" in Waikiki and they are all one way,  so by shutting down one of them, indeed that is a crippling situation for one of the most dense human habitation and tourism areas in the US. 

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