Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Empire Crumbles, Rocket Scientists will now tax "moving money"

 In a sign of desperation, the "strong" countries of Europe have decided to commit suicide.

For years we have stated that the Great Unravelling would start with Europe then China, then USA.

Under the current plan, a 0.1pc levy would be charged on equity and debt transactions and a 0.01pc tax on derivatives. Germany, France, Italy and Spain are among those that have agreed to the plan, which the European Commission expects will raise €35bn (£30bn) a year and hopes will be in force by 2014.
To prevent business moving abroad, the FTT carries an “extra-territoriality” clause that would see the levy imposed on any euro-denominated transaction, even in countries that are not signed up to the FTT. The UK is challenging the decision in the European courts, and the US and other countries have vowed to block it – which would almost certainly make the FTT unworkable.

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