Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What do Basel 3 and Oscar Carboni have in common?


Yesterday Oscar states "don't fall in love with the downside, bonds are going to get hit and propel stocks higher."

FYI Basel 3 also elevates Gold to be a tier 1 asset, the best.   So it is as "good as cash", kind of funny really.   Basel is the Central Bank of central banks.  They are requiring central banks to hold more Tier 1 assets and that goal keeps increasing, see chart below.

 Oscar introduces a new trade idea....holiday reversals.


and Finally as Orwell is RAFB (Rolling and Freakin Barfing) in his grave, Scotland appoint a government worker to look after every single child.   So as a parent, you will have a Goverment worker speaking privately to your child and you cannot be there.


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