Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Obamacare Thoughts

I just did some quick calculations

The new cost of Obamacare will be roughly between

$285,000,000,000 to

Roughly the USA takes in $2T in tax revenue, and spends $3T

If gov pays for Obama care, then we will spend $3.35 trillion

Or roughly living 68% above our "wage"

That is equivalent to a family making $60,000 and spending $105,000 each and every year.
OR look at this as a percent of GDP.   USA has a gross domestic product of around $13T.

Growth rates of 2% to 3% would be nice in GDP.    Say a growth of $260B at 2%

Obamacare will single-handedly wipe out any chance of an increasing economy.  

From a contributor to slope of hope, open at your own risk.  
These girls probably don't need much Bama care

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