Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ES and the Steam Rolling Hitman

Please read the chart

A return to mid channel is targeted at 1700, and return to bottom channel B100 is 1675,  a deep dive to the external channel line the Bernoulli 177 would be around 1610.    Most Bulls are trained for a 7% stop, so either a quick scary drop to 1700 to get bulls to panick out, or a deep drop to low 1600's to wipe out hard stops....locking in lesser earning or losses for the bulls, prior to the umbiquitious Santa rally, leaving the stunned bulls dazed in the tailights of the steam rollers that have economic hitmanned them .

And my favorite Risk On Risk Off Currency Indicator ==== NZD/JPY

Good chance we take risk off for a while.    No country wants their currency too strong.    That is the nature of currency wars.    Those who have saved, and those who are on fixed income are greatly penalized in currency wars, unless they are also agile enough to take advantage of the shenanigans. 

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