Friday, December 13, 2013

Gold and Silver are Becoming Hated

It's odd for sure, when fundamentals don't work for years at a time.    Some call them "funnymentals"

But I have seen several articles lately on how Gold is going to $500, Gold going below $1000.

I am afraid to even see what Elliot Wave International might be pimping out.

And GDX, HUI, and GDXJ have been removed from the woodshed, and taken to the cesspool for an additional soaking.


This is the time I am looking to buy Gold.

Palladium is always on my radar, it does well in everything but a Madmax scenario, which honestly, is less than 4% chance of happening.    Plenty of SHTF scenarios will result in far less damage than a MadMaxer.

All that said, Gold, Silver, Platinum, in a downtrend.    Palladium in an uptrend.   Ill do charts soon

I checked 5 ounce silver bars selling in bulk, 100 minimum and they were selling for 8% premium over melt.    Still seems high to me.    But then again, I was buying pre1964 silver coins for a 0.3% premium at one time.  What a deal!

Silver 1963 coins now selling at a 17% markup over melt.    Wow.    

And don't forget....upcoming bull market in pitchforks.    Its a job creator and job reducer, lol.

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