Thursday, December 12, 2013

Russell to break a channel and go down

Any questions, let me know.

Any comments?   Sheesh, no comments in a week, thats weak.


  1. Great charts Steveo.

    Got stopped out of TZA cause I moved the stop too tight and missed most of the big gains :( Now looking for new entry if we get a little bounce in the RUT.

  2. Yep in the of not just QE but highly manipulated markets, any short positions need be nimble. I missed FSLR bear flag even though it was within my sites. shite!

  3. Yep, got the nice drop in spx, closed half, and then set stop on half, and miss market pretty much top ticked me before heading on down again. Was working and no ability to watch market, so disgusting to come back and see that....still a nice week, but the top tick exit sucks!


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