Monday, August 31, 2009

Short Ideas

A short review, no pun intended.

I am not a financial advisor much less your financial advisor. Shown here are some tickers that I have been following, many are already covered under a "Boatload O' Charts, or maybe a Kayak". You will find these annotated charts on the blog, type in boat as a searchword and you will be shown all the boatloads posted.

These office reits stand in a class all by themselves....research them on your own, and please advise findings.


  1. You have some very good charts there!

    I have PCLN on my watch list--that is a BIG BIG play. It's good to know we are on the same ideas.

    I will be going over your other plays, and looking forward to your analysis.

    So you must trade through the night if you are in Hawaii?

  2. Also biotech is becoming a crowded trade in the very short term. Lots of shooting stars put in this morning on the 60min and the worst of the bunch (e.g. HEB) are already starting to tank.


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