Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Biggest Indicator of All Time

Sure DavidDT posted a great chart on QQQQ and went "out on a limb" to say sell.

Sure the bullish percent is still really high.

Sure the Fed claimed "victory" over the recession.

The president made a speech about how we have to spend another $900B on health care.

Sure mass murder, kidnappings, and extraordinay punishment are being imposed.

Heck, in theory, I even capitulated yesterday.

However none of these thing say "TOP" like this super indicator that I have been watching since 2004.

This item has never gone on sale of any kind in, well, forever, in my experience. Coach handbags...sure sales, even Louis Vuitton, but not this product, not in Hawaii ever. This was found tonight...I almost passed by and then I was decided to indicators of indicators indicated that the it is about time for the STHTF.


  1. It's the 12 oz bag, not the pound. Not really a sale.

  2. Based on Hawaii pricing? I think that is the baseline. Lots of Kona coffee is sold in 7 oz bags...

  3. Sorry, Steveo, I was kidding. I don't know Hawaii pricing. I have never seen Peets on sale. I should have said so in the post. Mea Cu(l)pa Coffee.

  4. I figured that ought once I woke up and had my 100% Kona coffee....$7 for 7 ounce, but what a treat!

  5. Hey man,
    been doing some DD on your Panamanian miner.
    You might want to have a look at IKN's posts on them.
    The CEO's a convicted drug runner? Can you believe this shit? LOL

  6. My wife works for Peets - they are not happy about having to discount

  7. I can imagine that peets is peesed


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