Friday, September 11, 2009

Silver Short

Joe Six Pack will use silver as poor mans gold, but they will also run away faster on a turndown.

A chart of SLV, and a chart of analysis of the options on SLV. Looks like a drop in SLV would crush alot of people.

Check these out closely.
(sorry first post the images didn't load, here they are below)


  1. would oct calls of zsl be to close or should be nov or dec ?

  2. Picking expiration month is a matter of personal investing preference, however I rarely but current month options unless just planning to day trade them. The "Theta Burn" which is the time value loss of the option, is not significant outside of 30 days, but becomes very significant in the last 30 calender days. So when Sept Expiry comes around, I would be rolling forward from October to probably November if I still thought the trade idea was valid.


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