Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chart of Charts 092509 With New Fast Heatmap

What does this chart say to me?  After tortuing the data relentlessly but strictly mathamatically, we come to the conclusion that there is no holy grail.   Both the fast and slow heatmaps work well, and the crossover is conservative but performs very well.    I will be observing this unique forecasting method as time goes on.   Perhaps a technique is to get in on the trade on the fast, and then let the slow tell you when to get out.   Nothings perfect.

Those who have saw the Chart of Charts before should take note of the new Fast heat Map, and different formatting.

Note that the cross over, HAS NOT, confirmed a downtrend yet.  More conservative reviewers may wish to keep their powder dry to preclude your powder from being there is a graphic for you, no?

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  1. Steveo

    Just found your site based on your link posted in xtrends, very nice. I like your chart of charts, not based on the same old untrustworthy oscillators, etc. Can you tell me how breakouts are defined, ie is it from a formation or pattern, new buy sig on pnf chart, or a performance criterion such as 4% increase in 1 day, etc.? ANy thoughts appreciated, thx.


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