Saturday, September 26, 2009

Don't Dwell on the Macabre, but don't fail to see the pattern

This incredible pattern of people wiping out their entire family and then killing themselves.  This is part of the price of the greed instituted by those who do know better.  

In trying to reflate bubble after bubble and live in an economy based primarily on consuming and financial gimmicks and downright lies, this is one of the aftermaths.  It is a sign, not the sole effect. 

Don't look forward to 3 of C if that is what it is.   We should not just pursue profits without thinking of some of the ramifications, and terrible events that will unfold as a bottom is found.  The overall effect will be pervasive.  blogger Daneric states Wave 3 scares him much more than Wave 2.  I agree.  It could be really bad...really bad.  World changing bad, governments may change, the way we think about social interactions and self protection may change.  Another blogger Atilla describes the future as "terra incognito", or Land that cannot be recognized. 

Horrorcore--Did you see that story?  

Seriously folks.  Those taking pleasure in profiting from the downside may find themselves being hunted as the root of the cause.  Not that it makes sense, just that revenge may be the order of the day.

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