Monday, January 18, 2010

Precious Metal Arithmetic Chart and Dubai Musings / Relative Value

Since Gold historically trades at 40 times Silvers value, I multiply SLV by 40.

Since GLD is derived at 1/10 the price of  gold, I multiply by 10 to bring it back to "dollars"

Keep in mind, this precious metal Arith chart is based on THE USD,  It would be interesting to see what it would look like in other currencies.

Any good EW'ers out there that could put a wave count on this?

Just as a matter of perspective, look at the relative size of the worlds tallest building in Dubai. 

It cost JUST 1.5B to build.

Use that as perspective to evaluate some of the big numbers being bantered around today.   If a Bankster needs $15B to "Keep America Strong" that is equivalent to the money needed to build 10 "Tallest Buildings".

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