Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trading Thoughts, EURO, and UNG

Working alot this week.  Definitely no time for daytrading.

A few may find daytrading the next week or two very proifitable. 

I am thinking that "they" just ramp it up and down catching profits from bears and bulls alike.   But trying to swing or position trade this boneless chicken flopping around on hot tarmac type of trading atmosphere could be very annoying.

Keep an eye on EUR/USD, could have a big move down. 
UPDATE - shit it just did.

 This guy in Portugal does a good job of staying on top the EUR/USD
UNG is a freak....it is derived by futures, but 60% of all the futures in the NatGas market are owned by UNG....this means the head is bigger than the body.

Now "more information" is going to be available on the COT reports....I predict more volatility on UNG because of this.  More information means more deception for the most part.



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