Monday, February 8, 2010

Comstock - Good Research, these guys aren't bought. And Below, Rap Economists

Operating Earnings Definitions:

Mark to Myth
Wishful Thinking
Ignores "One Time Charges", as in Ignores Huge Losses
aka Bullshit

Reported Earnings Definition:

The Ones You Try Not to Report
If You Lie Alot, You Could Get In Trouble
Closer to Reality Than Operating Earnings

Charlie Minter says S&P may go to 550 and it may go lower.  Charlie nailed Greece, Portugal, and Spain in December 2009....pointing them out as "Banks aren't the only problems"

Hyperinflation and Deflation both have amazingly strong arguments. How can that be? Shouldn't a smart person be able to figure this out? Markets are TRICKY, that is their nature.

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