Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ol' Bucky takes a break

Investors Intelligence had dollar bulls pushing high numbers again...like 90% not sure of exact number.

See Finviz below, Buck took a break.

Correlation between USD and Equities appeared to be breaking a few weeks back, but they are back in lock step.

John Mauldin also has good stuff, used to read him,
He is another one of the warning experts who thought the "recession" might be a little stronger than normal, then when it became the "great recession" he was pimping out "I told you so", I get so damn tired of that.  No one can ever be wrong....at least if you are "an expert". 

Idiots can perform much better....you just say, I was wrong on that ES and NKD short trade, and my stops did their work.   Next trade!

Caution Will Robinson!

Last 3 Mondays were not ramped on the weekend.  Maybe the G-Team (Gov and Goldman) was worried that their tactics were getting too obvious, with the Trim Tabs guy promoting the Gov intervention in "free markets".

Are we going to get more ramping or is this a short sweep?  when ES is sitting at 1060, 1120 seems absurd, especially as EVERYONE is now talking about the terrible fundamentals, except Cramer of course, who is finding jewels in the retail sector.

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