Monday, February 8, 2010

Fear Factor and Hopefully -- a Position Trade on Nikkei Short

The position trade taken above is working out....triangle broke nicely. This trade could go to 7000 or less every hundred points is worth about $500 on 1 future. A move to 7000 would therefore be worth about $15,000. Nothing to write home about, but beats the heck out of a G-Team ramp job.

My UWM double long got stopped this morning. Imagine that....finally, a non-ramp over the weekend, I guess the trader boyz got to watch the superbowl.

Daytrading TWM double short.

Also took ES shorts right before the market moved down at end of day. It is only 3 points away from my stop, and hope it moves more down, as this would also turn into a long term position trade, as long as I am not whipsawed out of this position.

SPG -- an old friend/enemy/enema
This stock is highly gamed. It looks ready to tank, however, I hear that Obama's next plan under the guise of helping small business, is really just a way to hand money to commercial real estate. That would be, your money. I haven't investigated that though.

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