Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Toyotas and Sunspots, Or is steveo going off the deep end of Bizzaro World

Anyone reading my blog would know that a lack of sunspots allows more cosmic rays to hit the earth.

We are in a surprising long and deep minimum for sunspots.    Sunspots acts as a shield to push back cosmic rays.

Also keep in mind the near term (1 to 5 years) is likely to be dominated by protectionism among countries and trade groups….which leads to poor economic performance, which leads to more protectionism, which leads to …..more poor performance…

Fact and Rumors of Toyota's woes are undoubtedly amplified by a common feeling of protectionism, as well as direct industry and  governmental influence/propaganda.  After all….US Motors (ahem General Motors) is a large investment that needs to be protected

This excerpt from an Aviation Technician:

In regards to the Toyota problem. I didn’t think they would get to this point. I figured it was environmental. Of course you never know and it won’t/can’t ever be proven. It is very hard to simulate and direct high energy particles. These things cause microprocessors to latch in wrong state occasionally. They are what common folks would maybe call a glitch. I’ve looked into the glitch issue before for electronics figuring there had to be an answer.


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