Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boatland of Charts

No time to rant, have to do work projects as they present themselves.

Please drop your comments, or I may get tired of providing this free service.

I think we are very close to a continued drop down, not the big won't happen that  way....and by big one I mean drop to say 500 on S&P, and then rally to whatever, say 650, then drop to 200.   A final 60% drop for those buying the dip and buyint the hype and the new QE 3 ramp of pimp.

But don't worry about that just now, I dont at least....there could be the 1st wave down towards the 650, it will play out over time, giving you every chance to second guess yourself.


  1. TradingwiththeaveragejayJuly 29, 2010 at 12:31 AM

    Man that's a lot of work to post all the charts. Thanks


  2. Very informative site, steveo many thanks for all the shared labor. Bookmarked!

  3. Thanks, thats a new timeframe view that I never used before, since I am using SLV which didn't exist until the last few years, even so, I think that chart is instructive, at least it got me into the todays 1% drop, or at least emboldened me. Day trading is where it is at for now, just no time to do it.

  4. You are welcome, please stop by often. I have been kind of quiet while this Wave 2, Dabama supported ramp job plays out....that may change

  5. Thanks, I think some good unique charts in there as well as some classic TA.

  6. You are welcome, sign up as follower might want to try a news aggregator, which will aggregate all the blogs that you choose to follow.


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