Thursday, July 29, 2010

Declining Social Mood?

The bear is angry

And check out Tom of the North, he writes some fantastic financial Social Economic Anthropology (SEA) Satire
The Social Economic Anthropology SEA is my own version of Elliot Wave combined with classic Socio-Economics and throwing in Anthropology recognizing the evolving yet fairly static nature of mankind as one of the most sentiment beasts.     Watch the animals....they will tell you more about man than you may think at first....they rarely attempt to deceive their motives, whereas humans seem hard wired to deceive.

More on that later. 


  1. Hey Steveo,

    Thanks for the compliment! No deception here - Kashkari really does piss me off.
    IMO, we're seeing a blow-off top in cynicism. Consider: Charlie Rangel 'doing a deal' with the Ethics Committee; the former TARP Czar /now PIMCO waterboy says we have to stop being so selfish & self centered. OMFG!

    All I can say is it's a good thing we don't have any clock towers here in TheNorth. And the tall balsams are too skinny to support my considerable girth (aka 'winter weight'). Guess I'll have to trigger some Kashkosis!

  2. There's not too much to say, tomorrow could be a day that decides things for the short-ish term, at least.

    Could go down then up, or up then down. Where we close the week should...should...give us an important clue as to what the next week or two brings.

    But if the market is true to form, it may just leave us hanging over the weekend at another decisive point that could go either way.

    I really thought treasuries were in the bucket. A bounce, yes, but even the bounce doesn't feel finished. Which means the downturn in stocks isn't finished.

    I sure hope you're not finished, Steve. But you know that. Maybe your readers are just shy....

  3. I am not done, just getting warmed on!


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