Saturday, July 10, 2010

BP Sealing Cap

The Sealing Cap is a good thing.  I wonder why this was sprung on us at the last minute, though?
And if there are 27,000 wells in the Gulf, why isn't a "Sealing Cap" a required emergency response item, pre-built and ready to go?   82 days later?

I noticed the flange many weeks ago.   And opined that this could be used to bolt on a "blind flange" aka a blank off closure plate.  

In this video, the guy, right at the end mentions that "well integrity tests can be performed".   And that is the big fear....the well has lost its integrity, the oil is flowing directly into the sea bed or will erode the space around the 3 concentric pipes that comprise the well.   The result of that would be the entire 2.5 Billion Barrel Reserve would leak out.

There are plenty of lies going around on this one.   The public is not ready for the truth (that is probably true).   After all, if the general public knew the real risk these wells were putting us under, the "con-fidence" game which is costing trillions on a risky bet that we don't double dip, would be done.

View this video, take the time, you will understand alot more of what is going on.   But it will also raise alot of questions, like, why wasn't this done on day 2?

At the same time, nuclear power output is steadily decreasing from around 2005.   Probably because of the 1970's oil crisis, and the nukes are getting old.   Nuclear is "green" compared to oil, and thorium rocks!  Google it.

"Might as well face it, your addicted to crude" song to tune from Robert Palmer

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  1. A f*ck-up from start to finish for BP and the US government. Three Mile Island and Chernobyl scared the bejeesus out of people regarding nuclear, but really, it's been the only real choice for decades now. I suppose if we had an equivalent nuke problem, though, we'd be worrying about more than the wildlife and fishermen. Still, we should have built some nuke plants by now with the appropriate safeguards and oversight. Five well-managed nukes vs. 28,000 offshore oil gambles....I'll take door #1, thanks.

    Thorium does rock, btw. :-)


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