Friday, July 9, 2010

It's is all bullish! Yeah! The bull is back!

Things just get curiouser and curiouser, perhaps they are intentionally pumping sentiment and stocks so that there is some room to fall early next week, when both the US and Greece need to sell a bunch of bonds (let sentiment and stocks fall....thus making a successful bond sales, which is bullish)    Heck!   It's all bullish!

In fact finding a bunch of spies in our homeland can also be bullish, especially if you market it right, see below about the efficient 4 for 10 spy exchange.

And I do have to say, the FDIC is very efficient at closing banks and getting all there i's dotted and t's crossed.   Especially on Friday afternoons, which is when all the closings are announced.   This type of efficiency is also bullish.
With all of this bullishness, I find it odd  AAII is listing very high bearishness.  GS and AA were downgraded for earnings expectations....hmmmm....seems like a ramp job intended there. 

It seems odd, very few bears this last decade even though it was a "lost decade" for stock market valuations.  However  in the 1990's -- the biggest ramp up in stock prices, people stayed bearish the whole decade!!!!!   I have proven it, even bearishness is bullish!

And you can download all the long term excel data on this survey, right here.  The chart is in there also.

Link to Steveo's Sentiment Data and Chart
And top officials are urged to resign, after speaking their minds, criticizing the administration about too much war.    Hmmm, wasn't there just a General was got sacked also?

As the can gets kicked down the road, as it getting closer to the end, the actions will be become more desperate, but also resulting in more power grabs (to fix things of course).   Eventually the business and social cycles will win out, but it could get darn ugly in the meantime.  PS Except for all the Bullishness, I see Bulls all the time!


  1. Great rant, steveo! Up is up and down is up. Check out "Our Orwellian Economy" @ Prudent Bear - there's some similar perceptions at work here:

  2. I was thinking of you as I finished writing this! I wondered if some people wouldn't understand or appreciate the satire, however, I knew you would!

    Have a great weekend.


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