Friday, July 9, 2010

Suposed story of BP stopping the leak Monday et al

BP and Oil Leak--there have been an amazing amount of stories about how the leak could be stopped early, now they are saying by Monday.    And they are admitting that there are at one other leak from the sea floor, which is the first time I heard that officially.

Bottom line? I figured this out last weekend, The piping system going one mile into the sea floor is compromised, if they back pressure that piping with a stronger shutoff or cap, they could blow up the piping and the adjoining sea bed.   This would make the leak only stoppable upon dumping of the reserve (2.5 Billion Barrels).   That is why, in my humble opinion, their stories have not been making sense and not in harmony with their actions.

Greece Selling (or trying to) 6 Month Bonds next Tuesday, first since the bailout.
Note--if stocks are falling, people will be more apt to buy bonds.


  1. Hi steveo,

    I too found the statement that the well 'could be capped by Monday' quite odd given all we've heard and seen - and especially what we haven't heard or seen: a definitive statement that both relief wells were successfully completed. Very strange indeed. But these are strange days....

    On the plus side: no oil showing-up in my lakes yet!

  2. Things just get curiouser and curiouser, perhaps they are intentionally pumping sentiment and stocks so that there is some room to fall early next week, when both the US and Greece need to sell a bunch of bonds (let sentiment and stocks fall....thus making a successful bond sales, which is bullish) Heck! It's all bullish!


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