Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Expected Bear Squeeze based on EWI report last Friday at close

So glad I closed my bearish positions, EURO tanking tonight again, but ES not following again.  

Tough market, I don't know anyone stating their impressive results.  HBB sucking up the minimal profits.

Last Friday I stated that I thought this ramp would happen.   

Here is the link.


Now the question is....is this all the ramp there is?    I think so, yet unsure of taking bearish positions since I cannot be monitoring positions


  1. You are right on with this market environment. My book has been 2 steps backward, 3 forward, 2 backward, 1 forward etc. Lots of trading and little real momentum except for a few days only to be met with getting stopped out.

    I've resorted to trading smaller and less frequently. My trade success is unfortunately been the same, just without the size/emotional swings.


  2. I guess you would call this a manipulated top. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I read many of your posts elsewhere and they are great!


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