Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Possible USD breakout and Euro breakdown

Original Charts (except when I do it the old fashion way, I steal it.......)

Looks like my theory of HBB gaming the EWI followers who were emboldened to take bearish postions on Monday due to the EW  Financial Forecast being released on Friday at close, then they ramped the heck out of them and blew away most of the stops with the ramp job.

Notice that the big drops are happening at night, weekends, or just so damn fast that no one can even get a fill to short unless you were already in the position --- yeah --assume the position "we are from HBB we are here to help".

From my Forex company.

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  1. now we get into the sticky business of correlations and whether they hold as always or start to hiccup. financial astrology via merriman is saying hiccups may well be in the offing in the next four weeks, not to mention a lot of rule-breaking and insane moves in either or both directions. not a time for the faint of heart or slow of mouse if one is playing the moves. things can change in a blink and, like you say, move faster than most traders can.

    all I'm fairly sure of is that treasuries are cruisin' for a bruisin' and it could start any day now. of course, if bernanke continues to speak in public, we may reach a t-note rate of 0.50%, too. ;-)


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