Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rant and charts at the bottom

I have been told that I am "hard on HBB, real hard", so I try not to rant too much.

But seeing this rant by a blogger on Cara made me feel, well, almost, a wimp.   So be it then.   Check out this rant.......

In response to Noonan..... Now the generations that have led us blindly, naively, selfishly and without further thought into the current morass of despicable financial, political, medical, you name it... corruption and malfeasance wants to blame the younger generations for the CRAP we are currently enduring!?!!?!?!?!
I am in my very early 40's. I have been following the elitist agenda of dismantling nation-states for over 20 of those 40 years. I have watched the meticulous and pre-meditated destruction of my nation's economy. I have watched as our media was consolidate and propagandized. I have watched as rampant, unchecked, and merit-less development decimated the pristine environs of my youth. I Have watched as the public educational system was methodically dumbed down and made irrelevant. I have watched as the wall street titans and our politicians shat in our communal nests... sickeningly greedy purveyors of financial destruction hell bent on usurping what has never rightfully or lawfully been theirs. This young man watched the the confusion and consternation of my own parents as I tried relentlessly and without effect to EDUCATE them about from where this idiocy was being dictated and to where it would enevitably would lead. I have been correct at every prognostication (just ask my parents) and resented at every turn for this accuracy because it threatened their safe yet false world view.
For my own unique brand of masochism, I have endured a deadly education dictated by the interests and effects of self centered pharmaceutical and insurance industries as well as the indescribable indoctrination of our care providers into an ignorant, sub-standard, self-perpetuating arrogant dogma of half-truths and archaic, barbaric, BULLPUCKEY known to us as the "best medicine" the west has to offer. Medical institutions and industry has long since been infiltrated and managed by the same elder elitist agenda that promulgates that the best policy for the masses is utter control and enslavement. Degrade the peoples diets. Contaminate the masses with toxins in the form of innoculations and medications. Corrupt the peer review process, centralize and control medical accreditation and eduction, subvert FDA to perpetuate, repress innovation and technological development that would make any true difference and promote anything that destroys, compromises, or undermines true health... Outlaw, demonize, corrupt, and disrupt true health practices and promulgate false beliefs and procedures under the guise of science to further degrade the mental and physical competency of the masses.
Let me tell you.... and understand this very, very clearly.... The medical and scientific community is just as compromised and "ill" as our current political and financial arenas. And just like the highly paid and well educated economists and politicians whose utter ignorance and ineptitude we suffer daily, we also suffer the same intellectual and moral bankruptcy in health science.
All of these experts suffer from an inaccurate perception of reality within which they live and work. The distortions that cloud their perceptions and judgment were meticulously nurtured and reinforced to the point that the vast majority of these individuals are not even consciously aware of these errors. And more importantly, they are fiercely dependent upon and defensive of the control systems, the propaganda, the fallacies and inadequacies under which they suffer.
No, Noonan, our circumstance will not be yoked by youth. The blame remains well away from age-isms... If anything, it will be the rebellious and in-gracious attitude of a repressed younger generation that finally breaks the logjam of filth and vitriol that is destroying this planet. Things will only change when youth seizes power and control away from a very old and ingrained system that has manipulated reality covertly in accordance with dogma dictated to us by our hidden ELDER controllers and their forefathers.

To my parents and their peers I say, once again, somnambulance is no longer a viable political policy! I have always aspired against my own better interests to educate within this reprehensible circus called public life, as have many, many of my contemporaries.

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