Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Complete Lack of Comments Indicator

OK, this surely must be a top.   Quality posts, new powerful indicators, correlations, Forex analysis, better screen shots, less tin foil rant (maybe people like those).   And ZERO comments.   

Kind of tired of talking to myself, but the dearth of comments is actually a good indicator....this wave 2 has just wore people out.    Not me.


  1. Im still here. Yesterday i reached a point where the thoguht of just bying spy and leaving it at that was on my mind. That is another top indicator as bottomfeeders like me start to throw in the towel. I‘ll give it till few days of october, if its still levitating then, then i dont thnk it will go down before the election. Most all my ratio charts have decoupled and/or broken down but i guess its pretty meaningless at this point.

    The prospect of this being another run like the one to april highs is uneasing enough to concider the long side on any dip we might get

  2. Forex is getting sketchy, sketchier than normal.....holding some ES short now. Holding loosely

  3. How about some ratio charts from Mr. Darell. What is breaking down? Have they been leading indicators in past?

  4. Hi, yes they have, especially tnx/vix and vix/gld. One new that i have found is this:

    I will do a bigger update on charts tomorrow/weekend so if you want to be updated just subscribe or add rss from my blog. Mind you however that my trading history is very limited and most of the time I probably dont know what im doing. Steveo has however been kind enough to guide me through some of this stuff and post it here.


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