Thursday, September 30, 2010

New ES PRS Channel with great line hits

I like this one, the trend is down, until it isn't, or the trend accelerates but breaking down through these lines.   And a quick backtest --just like the flash crash, is the perfect sign to ramp up your bet size.

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  1. Sorry haven't had much to say of late. Busy campaigning and getting prepared.

    Have a small short on. We are forming a rounded top, and the action in this top looks similar to the action in top in April. Institutional selling confirms, it is poised to increase dramatically.

    We could get a last push up for another 20-30 points IMO, but that's unlikely. I think we break down here, as in addition to the above reasons, there's no more POMO until the 5th

    Plus the Moon, Bradley, Gann, Solstice, etc.


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