Monday, September 20, 2010

Manic Monday seems to be Back ---BUT Fall Equinox

Some people propose that time is actually more important than price on stock movements.    I think that is getting carried away, like getting too carried away counting Elliot Waves.

But I think that time is very important.   The Spiral Dates site is good.   I also click on the Astro site pretty often, since you wouldn't want a moon to blindside you. 

Fall Equinox and the full moon - coming soon.

UK getting desperate.   Expect the unexpected.   All business to be routed through the Government.  Now that will surely add efficiency and long lasting growth.   They are desperate, like a badger backed into a corner.

And an update on Long FEED.  Some of these China stocks have been "created" by what they call a reverse merger.   Most of the reverse merger China stocks now sold in the US have taken a 75% haircut.  You think HBB is bad?  

Try parsing through the lies of the Chinese.   The Chinese play business like water polo....any underhanded, undetected, underwater kidney punches, are not just punished....they are actually considered legal.    In other words, if you get away with it, there is no shame, no guilt.   That is the way the Chinese do things.

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