Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moonshot - I just have so little to say......

Wow, my QQQQ puts were decimated from a winning position to a big losing.

HBB likes those quick ramps to trap bears....bears hope for a quick turn down from a blow off top....and then they use taxpayer fund to futher Pomo Me Now Pump the market.  

Took ES futures short at 1157.75 which was a pretty sweet entry, at least stop was abel to be adjusted to small win at worst.

POMO tomorrow, the last for a week

But check this out, pray to the heaven for help

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  1. All that...

    And Stocktiming is clanging alarm bells all over. Institution core holdings are coming up at a trendline, and the the raw selling looks ready to dump, and the buying chart looks ready to fall off.

    Shearing this thing is a nightmare. But perhaps Jason is coming to whack Freddie.


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