Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quant Spider Bots QSB's

I coined that above term , as Robots, but it flows so much better with Bots.

to throw off the QSB's we are now replacing the s word s h o r t with


and shearing shall be associated with Bullish!

Get it?


  1. BTW I sheared ES at 1155 assumed resistance at 1156 will hold, time will tell, Pomo Me Now Pumps

    Follow the Fed and your money shall be redeemed at Face Value, the smirking face of Greenspan.

  2. Well, there's another POMO tomorrow... So we might get a marginally higher high. Very difficult to stay shear. Even if this works out, going to reduce stake. Getting tired of watching this BS.

  3. It is pretty disappointing that the functioning of our production, free enterprise, and financial system has come down to this level of BS. Although admittedly, the 1930's fractals look even more extreme that what we are seeing now.

    I'll just resign myself to posting pretty pictures of the moon.


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