Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have stopped shearing, and long ES from 1152.50 based on what appears to be a sucessful test of support, using QQQQ as a (I hope) leading proxy.

POMO today, last time we had back to back POMO and the second POMO was not as big, it was a down day, so we shall see.

Keep an eye on the Yen, it's relation to all the other currencies except the USD is now different compared to its relation to the USD, and normally they are lock step.   

BOJ won't like to see a strengthening Yen, esp in relation to it's major trading partner the US.  Expect shenanigans.

One little gold miner stock I have owned for a while, PTQMF.   Hardly watch it, but it had a Breakpoint type pop up today.   Don't buy on my mention though.    Research them--no time to go into details now, but they are beaten down although ready to produce real gold, in Panama. 

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