Sunday, November 28, 2010

Added a "Pages" feature - please comment

Cleaned up Blog, New Stuff, Added Pages Rather than junking up the sidebars, let me know how you like this, looking for comments on current format as well as any other suggestions to make this blog better and more useful to you

Also currently at far bottom I added an embedded PDF from Martin Armstrong, one of the best minds of the markets scribbling from a prison cell.    I haven't researched that whole story, if anyone knows please chime in.

Also, testing this link which should also work as a direct download.

And here is a big download, Explanation for the Flash Crash


This is a sector report from Leisa, she posts at bluechipbulldog and maybe elsewhere, it's 10MB.   

Please check it out, it's a good way to wrap you mind around the market.   Sector rotation is a known fact.   The big boyz move money around and around, if you can guess where the T-Rex tracks go next, you can jump on it's back like a swashbuckling gecko, and make money.

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