Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's All Good!

On the Slope someone started listing things that were "uncertain", but I think they only touched the tip of the iceberg.

This list is only partly a joke!  That is a joke

  1. Gov in the pocket of banksters
  2. Elimination of contract law
  3. Iran with nukes
  4. Loss of production capability
  5. shitty work ethics
  6. Union control leading to malaise and high prices
  7. Pensions plans seeking risk to "bounce back" to where they need to be.
  8. A nation of 30 and 40 YO earners who have money being made but have only seen a bull market their whole lives.
  9. Global warming and concurrent problems
  10. Loss of trust and confidence
  11. Loss of constitution and civil liberties
  12. Rampant corruption seen as normal and "spin" is fine
  13. Orwellian madness complemented by lemming like behavior entranced by dancing with the stars
  14. Currency wars to be followed by protectionism
  15. Problems caused by excess money, being solved with "more money"
  16. Terrorism run amok
  17. Southern neighbor Mexico under control of drug cartels
  18. Belief that big Government is what we need
  19. Removal of Doonesbury from main comic section to obscure part of paper
  20. Federal workers wages increasing 30% whilst average worker stagnates.
  21. Unabashed lies on nearly all gov economic reports
  22. Insider trading is normal
  23. Large scale manipulation of stock market by big brokers
  24. Large scale manipulation of stock market by gov trying to restore confidence through wealth effect.
  25. Wiki leaks provides a look into international relations like making sausage --- no one will like seeing it
  26. Sunspots and meteorites as upcoming threats
  27. Magnetic poles about to switch
  28. 2012 prophecy coming up
  29. Numerous biblical fore-warnings playing out
  30. Europe about to be ripped apart by their common currency
  31. Reality of pain inflicted by austerity just begginning
  32. Unrealistic expectations of what lifestyle is supposed to be normal
  33. Chinese missiles being fired off our shores to warn us not to default on the debt by printing money.
So I wanted to add these to the original list.

Can't make this stuff up.... Here are the list of issues facing the equity markets:

1 - Korean War
2 - Muni debt failing to be funded
3 - Double dip in housing prices
4 - Sovereign debt
5 - Hedge fund raids leading to redemptions
6 - Sentiment readings at multi year high bullish readings
7 - Cash at funds at multi year lows
8 - Fundamentals that even if they are improving are way below trend for a recovery at this stage.
9 - Commodity prices causing margin squeezes
10 - Mortgage gate

I'm sure I missed a few. Seriously, is that uncertainty or what?
 Please add to this list if you can think of anything more....


  1. One to add: The coming Chinese real estate bubble pop.

    I agree with most points on the list. Comments on some others:

    6.Union control leading to malaise and high prices

    Big unions may be as corrupt as big corporations, but the malaise is caused by forcing USA workers to compete with near slave labor in China and elsewhere. The entire wage of a 60-80 hr per week Chinese factory worker would not pay a working american family's taxes. If union manufacturing wages were all reduced to minimum wage it would still be quite profitable to move their jobs offshore. The new price increases are caused more by "printing up" trillions to give to the banksters, rather than by unions.

    9.Global warming and concurrent problems
    27.Magnetic poles about to switch

    Human caused "global warming" is BS, but increasing weather volitility probably presages a climatic shift at minimum. A polar shift might explain some of this. If "they" know what is coming it would be nice to warn us.
    Do we have a passing Brown or Black Dwarf disturbing the sun and heating the planets?? If so, that would account for the chaos, but why is it secret??

    16.Terrorism run amok

    There are maybe two dozen "competent" international terrorists in the world today, not counting the agents of recognized governments. For this the USA has developed a trillion dollar industry including several federal agencies and an FBI section to create "terrorists" to help justify it! Why?? To turn the USA into a prison without walls.
    They say "freedom isn't free" true! Belief in freedom keeps people from seeing the prison they are in, increasing the difficulty of escape!

  2. Thanks for the great comments, I am going to take all the new additions and after a few days republish a new list.

    And if there was some "big event" coming (astro event of some sort) couldn't panic the wouldn't be right to do that.


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