Friday, November 19, 2010

Boatload O' Custom Indicators

Folks, we don't intend on making a bunch of money from the limited ads on this site, however, it would be nice to at least pay for the blog traffic monitoring service and contribute towards the cost of some of the pay sites that I subscribe to in order to bring you better ideas FOR FREE.

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  1. Which one has been most profitable?

  2. LOL. I meant, what setup, indicators/osccilators and settings you have that has made you successful?

  3. The Fear Factor....breaking channel trendlines downward, is great.
    Also, anytime the FF continue down, but the SPX does a consolidation, the SPX is just in "denial mode" and will follow the FF

    When the FF or the FF2 is in the middle of the bollinger bands...don't expect any big moves at that time.

  4. I used to do a lot of work on a "Chart of Charts" and it was really cool, but basically I couldn't figure out a way to trade it, so it was shit-canned.

  5. Hi Steveo, You have ALOT of indicators that I would like to get to. May I ask, how long you've been in this?

    I think you showed me a picture of your monitor layout and you've suggested me to check w/ dell. I forgot but do you use TOS as your broker? I am not sure how it looks w/ dual mon dipslay.

  6. 1998
    Quad Monitor, it the way to go, will cost about $1500
    using TOS, becoming more unhappy with them.


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