Friday, November 19, 2010

Doctor Copper, this time it's a short on HG futures

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I don't like these thinly traded futures, but don't have time to sort through copper miner charts or possible ETF's.

But this repeated kickdown from the PRS 177 is too good to pass up.


Chart below hilarious stuff from DNARBY who runs his own blog and is more irreverent than thou.


  1. Hey Steveo... I get a failed backtest, and Dr. Copper leading the way, but what's PRS 177!?

    Here's my latest

  2. Awesome commentary on your chart...hope you don't mind I posted it!

    The PRS 177 is the PRS 133 of the PRS 133. It is way wicked cool, the best of the best. The only thing that still works occasionally. Search the blog for historical discussion. PRS is a guitar by the way...famous blogger made up the channel extensions, I coined the name.

  3. keep me up to date on trading system.

  4. Will do. If I ever get it ready, I'll offer it on C2 for 5-10 bucks a month (doesn't give many signals).

    In the meantime, dig it


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