Thursday, November 18, 2010

Outraegous - Mike Shedlock and the Bernack!

I do think the Bernacke is an academic.   Chosen by handlers.   Intelligent, for sure, like Obama.

After all, how did all these gov officials get their power?   Mostly by being intelligent enough to persuade us to vote for them, OR to allow our elected officials to appoint them.

Paulson, for sure.   Smart...

Whenever it seems these guys are dumb--they are planting some bullshit.    At all times believe they are smart.   They are.  

The game is about power and prestigious.   At the cost and risk of all others. 

Any questions about how that plays.....refer to rule one.    Powers and prestige


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    My schedule is nothing short of insane, as we are in the solar bubble of end of year tax credit capture.


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