Monday, November 15, 2010

Gold could be a bubble, but that doesn't mean other assets are safe

“Gold would probably provide a decent hedge against a declining dollar, but so would foreign stocks, which you can value,” said Scott Kays, an Atlanta-based financial adviser who does not include physical gold in client portfolios. “If gold becomes overvalued, there are places you can cash in on factors that drive up gold, without as much risk,” such as emerging-market bonds.

Uh-Huh---emerging market bonds.   Yes I have played those in the past, Brazil Bonds with a yield of 12.5% and no price premium, backed by the European Investment Bank (which 4 years ago had a lot more credibility).    Maybe I should call Brazil "emerging", how about Emergent?

TFH'n again....perhaps our financial overlords wish us all to run to bonds even more than has already happened, and scare with a push down on equities, and then blow off peak bonds as yet another way for Joe Average Public to be left holding the bag (of dung with a firecracker in it).

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