Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Musings

Not too much musing to do today.   I got whipsawed out of a USD long futures trade, knocked out of the long position on a big push down on low volume.....I guess that is "the locals" running stops to make their Sunday BBQ money....

Of course it immediately rocketing up after that.   It wasn't lunch money lost, much bigger than that, almost a move of 1% which is huge.......well....lost profits anyway.   Annoying that so many retraces now go a full 78% Fibo....unless you entered the trade perfectly, you need to remain at risk, with a stop outside your entry.

In true tin foil hat manner, I do have to say this is the HBB training people to be scared of the market now....before a huge drop, and unexpected moment, so most people miss it on the short side.   The increase amount of  78 Fibo is huge.

The US mail indicator is way up....i.e. the amount of mail we receive as a business.    Sometimes at the 2007 peak, 30 pieces per day.   This last summer it dropped to 3 or 4 on some days.

More marketing calls joke, 20 or more marketing calls per week, marketing...well    This bodes poorly for advertising companies like Google.  

Another big work week.   Probably no time to day trade....swing trades are treacherous with those 78 Fibos....

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