Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ol' Marty

Martin Armstrong is quite the enigma.   He was held in jail for 7 years on contempt of court, then after 7 years he was convicted of defrauding Japanese investors and received another 5 years -- added on (not incorporated into the 7 already served).    I don't know the whole story, probably only a handful of people really do.

Although he has some radical views at times, he attempts to go back into history to pull out historical examples of why "there is nothing new under the sun or moon" or Neptune squaring Uranus ;-).   As far as I noticed, he is not really an Astro type guy, but he doesn't let his thinking get reigned in by the conventional party line.  

He writes with an old fashioned typewriter and does charts on graph paper, by hand.   He allows me to republish any of his works as a public service.  Actually he allows anyone to republish as he sees a turning of the tides and thinks the overall damaged can be minimized by more real information being available.

Here is a link to a recent writing about the importance of Culture and the rise of China

Armstrong on Culture and Rise of China

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