Monday, March 28, 2011

New World Order

SDRs (the new currency of the new World Order, coming soon) are the tools of the powers that be to maintain and expand their power.

The original SDRs were created with a basket of 6 currencies I believe.   Now China wants in, thye want Yuan to be part of it, they also want to trade in the SDR's and therefore to quickly convert back to Yuan, it will be helpful to be a part of the basket.    1/4 Trillion of SDRs were created in 2010 to facilitate China trading.   Very soon, they willl issue a huge $2T of SDR's.

Definitions: Monitizing the Deb= Defaulting on the Debt

Big Ben says : I am not printing money, I am digitizing the banks....shifting the decimal place for the banks asset at will.

So here is the scoop.   If the powers that be want to create this New World Order, there is little that can be done to stop them.    The question is how do we prepare for this New World Order and how can we benefit from the NWO?

The SDR's will be a big part of how "they" maintain and advance control and power.

That is the question of the year.  

How to prepare and benefit from the NWO?


  1. I would just like to say that I like the cut of your jib, young man. There isn't a point you mention that I don't agree with. Nothing is certain, but your thinking makes more sense to me than trading bits of worthless metal instead of trading bits of worthless paper.

    Nothing has value unless at least two people agree it does, and then they still have to sort out how much.

  2. Thanks dark1, I appreciate the kind words.

    If things do get as bad as some seem to wish I figure the guys with the food get all the gold anyways.


  3. I am please that was your "short" take on things....

    How long did the British Empire last?

    Agreed, the Euro was a stupid idea, It will not play out well.

    I think part of the SDR play coming up is that lengthy warfare is far too costly...not just a shot in the arm for the "arms manufacturer's" and thus lessening the amount of booty that can be pillaged, plundered, re-allocated, bailed out, etc.


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