Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quick Post on Astro

This is a cool gadget that purports to show the planets relative positions.  It makes it easy to understand Arch Crawford's current take on things

 On April 3, there will be a Mars/Uranus conjunction ON THE PLACE of Uranus in the Cardinal Climax chart - touching off the whole damned thing in a really powerful way!
 Every contact with it so far has brought devastating natural disasters.
20 Million were displaced from their homes by WATER in Pakistan and China the week of the original CC.
 When Eclipses activated it in late Dec - early Jan = 22 towns were Under Water in Australia.
 The Uranus touches the Zero Cardinal degree March 11, and WHAM!
 That's is a tremendously powerful record to date for the CC!

 Thinkorswim (now owned by the evil empire), issued 5 updates in 2 weeks.   Every update brings problems.  Now TOS takes off my monitors and won't let other applications be displayed until you minimize TOS.   Amazing.    I use them for charts, not for trading anymore.

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