Sunday, March 20, 2011

A New Oil Spill? And a video of 4 Tsunami waves from a Japan Coast Guard Ship

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Someday when this "solar bubble" wears off and I have more time, I will further develop the above theories.   We are in a topping phase of a multi-hundred year event of being human.   Greed, corruption, and spin have become commonplace and accepted.   There is some rage, but at the level of ants raging around a Bronto, at least in  the US.  

Greed is at the basis of storing spent nuclear fuels in bulk quantities, in harms ways...right by the reactors.   This same event is now occurring in the US.    It is insane, it rely's upon greed and mankind's ultimate arrogance.

And don't forget "denial" of seeing what is right in front of our face.  

Never put off to conspiracy what can be more easily explained by ignorance and denial.
Quote from steveo 1992, above

Greed, ignorance, denial, arrogance.   Our addiction to energy is playing us in spades.

Another Oil Spill in the Gulf?

Video of the Tsunamis from a boat, in Japanese

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