Sunday, April 17, 2011

Humans have to hand the fight to the robots

On Friday, the highest radiation level measured outside the double-entry doors of the Number 1 to 3 reactor buildings was 2 to 4 millisieverts per hour.

Radiation levels measured between the double doors of those reactor buildings was 270 millisieverts in the Number One reactor, 12 in Number 2, and 10 in Number 3.
The radiation level detected at the Number One reactor exceeds the national exposure limit of 250 millisieverts for nuclear contract workers.

As we had feared, the radiation might get so bad that humans couldn't continue the fight.  The above quote from NHK world continue to "miss the point".   The point is that milli-sieverts is a "rate of flow" like kW is a rate of flow of electricity.   Milli-Sievert Hours is the dose absorbed over a period of time, same as you get charge for KW-Hours on your electric bill.

The max permissable used to be 100 Milli-Sievert hours in any one year, that was arbitrarily jacked up to 250 Milli-Sv per year to allow the work to continue.

At roughly 2 milli-Sievert Hours, per year for the average person in the world, there is still plenty of cancer.    Being exposed to 250 Milli-Sv for 1 hour, would put a worker at the max yearly dose, and they would therefore need to go home and not work in nuclear for a year.

So in one hour, they would be getting the equivalent dose of 125 years of normal life.   And if they breathed it in or ingested it, the Internal transmitter could be blasting nearby cells with 100% efficiency, every alpha particle transmitted could hit a human cell or DNA.  

Link to NHK is here

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